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Aligning the cloud storage solutions you know with your unique workflow

The world doesn’t need another storage platform. It needs a storage connector that centralizes and optimizes storage for your workflow. That’s where Mineral comes in.

*Not* cloud storage
(it’s even better)

Centralization hub

Mineral doesn’t reinvent cloud storage. Instead, it takes the advantages of the platforms you trust, centralizing them to meet your speed, price, size, or security needs with ease.

Trusted backend

With a backend that’s supported by trusted providers such as AWS, GCP, Filecoin and beyond, we put backups at bay and store files in homes fit for kings and queens.

Algorithmic excellence

With Mineral, integration is the name of the game. Its world-class algorithms carry out your storage strategy without compromise, putting efficiency at your fingertips.

Time-saving simplification

Juggling multiple platforms can quickly become cumbersome. After all, you weren’t made for the circus. Let Mineral save you time by doing the leg work for you!

One backup.
Limitless possibilities.

Mineral backs up your files in one fell swoop using the trusted platforms below.

Once your files are backed up, you can access and organize them all under one roof through Mineral. Talk about efficiency!

360° Integrations

Where there’s an app, there’s a way! Mineral takes and integrates files from a myriad of sources.





Google Drive







Ideas? We’re all ears! Let us know what apps you’d like added
through @viaMineral.

It’s called workflow (not workpause...)

You’re all about productivity. So stop pausing every few minutes to access multiple storage platforms. Instead, get them all in one place using Mineral. In turn, you can keep your workflow flowing.

Redefining cost-effectiveness

Right now, if you’re paying for 2+ storage platforms or a ton of data you don’t need, we’re here to save the day. Instead, opt for a more efficient solution through Mineral’s tailored storage solutions.

Perpetual Improvement

Your feedback is our bread and butter. Let us know what we need to do to better meet your storage needs. We’re not all talk... That’s because we follow up on your feedback with real improvements.

We’re looking for astronauts

If you’d like all of your files, all in one place, with all of the benefits that big-name storage providers offer, you’ve come to the right place.

Mineral is scheduled for takeoff in 3...2...1...

Step onboard our spacecraft before takeoff!

By reserving your seat, you help us raise the bar for cloud storage. As an early adopter, you can join our community and try out products in advance. Whether it’s more storage, automatic backups, or beyond, we’re all about action! Let’s put notions into motion, together.

Say ‘no’ to another storage platform and ‘yes’ to possibilities

That’s because Mineral...

Connects big-name storage solutions like AWS and Filecoin under one roof.
Provides the perfect environment for your storage strategy, whether that involves a great price, sound security, efficient storage, or all of the above.
Gives you peace of mind by backing up old memories, large files, and more.
Saves you money by providing exactly what you need without unnecessary add-ons.

Our developers are like genies...

So long as your wishes are within reason, of course. Let us know what you’d like to see Mineral incorporate. Together, we’ll transform ideas into action!

There’s a seat with your name on it

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